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Hydro-Blend, 2 oz


This aromatic floral mist is a super hydrator and was specifically formulated to increase and balance the essential hydration of the skin. It is excellent to use when blending two or more of the DNA CryoStem™ products. A few sprays of Hydro-Blend™ will help create a smooth custom blend of the products and will aid in slippage as it is applied to the skin.

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Product Description

Skin Type: All (except oily and acne-prone)

Key Features

  • Balances the hydro (water) system of the skin
  • Promotes the exfoliation of keratinized cells and supports new cell growth
  • Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles and helps balance skin tone
  • Supports scar and stretch mark healing
  • Ideal for blending DNA cremes, lotions and balancers with Booster Drops.™
  • Accelerates penetration of cremes and lotions

Aromatic Therapeutic Influence

  • Calming and relaxing to body, mind and spirit for an overall state of well-being
  • Promotes joyfulness, peacefulness and happiness
  • Helps one focus and center for balance and harmony
  • Uplifts spirits


Face, Neck and Décolleté (Upper Chest):
To boost and accelerate skin treatments, select the appropriate DNA CryoStem moisturizer™ (a DNA CryoStem Balancer™ can be added to this blend) and place in the palm of the hand. Intensify with one to three of the Booster Dropss™ (do not use more than a total of 3 drops of combined Booster Drops™ per blend). Spray Hydro-Blend™ into the palm of the hand and thoroughly blend all the products together with the fingers of the opposite hand. Apply to skin. Hydro-Blend™ will help increase slippage of the blend as it is massaged into the skin.

After showering or bathing, pat the skin dry with a towel or leave the skin damp and spray Hydro- Blend™ directly onto the skin. Apply Island Infusion Body Nectar™ and massage into the skin.


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