Look Great, Feel Great: Exclusive Access To Skin Care

A Fort Lauderdale businesswoman is unleashing a Hollywood secret and giving locals exclusive access to an all-natural, innovative skin care line.

By: Melissa Gundersen

Boating, beaches and boardwalks. Living in Fort Lauderdale means there’s no escaping that beautiful sunshine. But along with the feel-good rays comes a test to your skin. Lucky for our locals, it’s a test Tonka Cascais has studied and mastered.

“I was looking for a solution for my own skin. I have an auto-immune disorder that reacts to chemicals. So I was looking for an organic solution,” said Cascais.

Her search for the perfect skin care was far from simple.

“(I) had tried a lot of organic and all-natural brands … and they didn’t work very well.”

It’s a story many people can relate to. She searched high and low for something that was safe, simple to use, and effective. Having no luck on her own, she turned to her esthetician, who recommended a product called DNA Skin. It’s a 100% all-natural product based on the latest DNA and stem cell research.

“At first I was skeptical because it didn’t come in a fancy package. However, I gave it a try because I trusted my esthetician. I had consistently great results and wanted to share this discovery with my friends.”
-Tonka Cascais

When her friends tried it, they experienced the same amazing results.

Knowing the struggles of finding the perfect skin care (i.e. spending hundreds on chemical-laden creams and trying harsh laser treatments), Cascais wanted to share her findings with everyone in the Ft. Lauderdale area. So she contacted the product’s manufacturer, The DNA Skin Institute.

Being the business-savvy woman that she is, Cascais was able to strike up an exclusive deal. Now, the product that was once only available to Hollywood celebs is being sold right here in our community.

Cascais opened a business called ShopDNASkin, where only lucky locals have access to the next-generation skin care line. Her shop is located on Harbor Shops Drive (full address below), where you can swing by and check out the products for yourself!

“When people love how they look and they know their skin is radiating with youth, health, and beauty, they feel better and act better,” said Cascais.

What Makes DNA Skin Unique

It all started with a group of well-renowned researchers, scientists, and physicians with a vision. They wanted to create an all-natural, safe, and healthy skin care line that would change people’s lives.

They discovered when aging skin cells come into contact with younger “perfect” cells, something magical happens. Those aging cells actually begin to take on the appearance of the new, younger cells. This leaves the skin more hydrated and well nourished, something we could all use after a day in the sun or a relaxing trip to the beach.

By freezing and bottling the new cells, which are considered flawless, the team uncovered a product that can counteract a wide variety of conditions. They include acne, oily skin, dehydrated skin, sensitive skin and pigment issues.

Where Do The Cells Come From?

Without getting too scientific, the cells are safely extracted from organic, free-range bovine (cows) that are hormone and antibiotic-free.

“(Our) body recognizes bovine stem cells as nutrition, which is why it absorbs it 100%. That’s why it works,” said Cascais.

Bringing Health To The Beach

It’s like the old saying, “Beauty is only skin deep.” If you ask Cascais and her team why they’re so passionate about opening ShopDNASkin, they say it has to do with more than helping people achieve their dream look.

“When we learned it was a 100% all-natural formula, we were amazed!”

Being a pilates instructor, Cascais knows first hand the importance of health. Since the DNA Skin products are organic, chemical-free, and preservative-free, she says they’re safe to use.

“(I want to) create awareness for a healthier lifestyle. Healthy beautiful skin is a big part of a healthy lifestyle.”

You can learn more about Tonka Cascais’ skin care line on her website: SHOPDNASKIN.com Or visit her shop located at 1861 Harbor Shops Drive East, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316.