SHOPDNASKIN celebrated its launch at the fabulous home of Diane Leighton Wednesday night. Attended by many of Ft. Lauderdale’s finest women dedicated to healthy living, healthy skin and healthy giving. A portion of the proceeds were donated in support of HANDY, a charity organization that annually serves more than 1,300 at-risk children through programs that focus on education, youth development and economic self-sufficiency.

“While we want to maintain our own youthful vibrancy we also want to be sure that today’s youth have every opportunity to meet the needs of today’s youth, one child at a time. This is why we chose to support HANDY in their mission to educate and empower vulnerable youth in South Florida.” – Tonka Cascais, CEO of


Tonka believes that personal beauty is expressed from the inside out. When we value who we are we value our health and contribution to make a meaningful difference in the world. Skin is our largest organ so healthy skin is the gateway to health and a healthy lifestyle.

The evening was filled with lots of personal pampering, frozen-stem cell treatments, luxurious gift bags and a holiday spirit that lit up the night. It glowed in everyone’s support for one another and the youth served by HANDY. When you love the skin you’re in you want to share that confidence and strength with those you love and appreciate.

With SHOPDNASKIN natural next-generation skincare products the women of Ft. Lauderdale maintain a youthful vibrancy so that they can be more and do more for themselves and others.

“As women, our glow brightens when we restore our skin to its natural beauty. When we feel good about ourselves we are in a strong position to turn our focus to helping others restore their natural glow. “ – Tonka Cascais


The strong confident women in attendance invest their time, energy and money into helping vulnerable youth to become engaged, productive adults. For them, giving in such a way is an integral part of their lifestyle. In helping themselves they are committed to paving the way to share their blessings and opportunities with family, friends and those in need.

And have a lot of fun in the process.

A fun time was had by all who came in celebration of SHOPDNASKIN and a dedication to a worthy cause. This event is the first of many to celebrate life, women, healthy skin and to raise funds that can make a positive change in the lives of young children and the world.

Now that’s a beautiful thing!

For more information on how you, too, can support HANDY please visit: