7 Everyday Toxins That Damage Your Skin

You could spend your life in a protective bubble and live to the age of ninety with nigh on perfect skin but most of us can neither a) afford the time, or b) have the ability to cut ourselves off from the entire world.

We are all, unfortunately, exposed to a wide range of toxins that have effects on our bodies, particularly the skin. Here are just a few that take their daily toll on you and me without us hardly noticing.

  1. Car Fumes

If you live in the big city, you’ll already be aware of this. Despite moves to reduce the amount of emissions produced by our beloved Chevy’s, cars still produce a huge amount of toxic waste. All kinds of soot and dirt attack our skin on a daily basis and can have lasting effects on health and vitality. A good skin cleansing regime is a must unless you want to move out to the country and leave your friends behind.

  1. Bug Sprays

If you’re tempted to get rid of those flies this summer or give your dahlias a quick squirt of something, then think twice. Most manufactured bug sprays contain harmful chemicals which when released in a spray can end up on your skin causing irritation and damage if you are not careful. Have a look out for natural options that are not harmful to the environment or your body.

  1. Alcohol

Okay, so you like a nice glass of wine when you get back from the office. The trouble is that alcohol can have long lasting effects on the hydration and elasticity of your skin. As with coffee, which can dry out your skin, everything needs to be taken in moderation. If you’re drinking too much alcohol no amount of moisturizer is going to keep you looking fresh.

  1. Cigarette Smoke

Not only does cigarette smoke clog up your lungs and damage your arteries, lead to cancer and yellow the teeth, it can have a catastrophic effect on your skin. While it may seem sophisticated when you are young, it’s a habit that can be very toxic to the way you look and how you age prematurely. Quite now and try to stay clear of people who can’t give up the weed.

  1. Sunscreen

When we go out into the sun most of us nowadays put on some sunscreen but many products on the market contain harmful elements. A chemical like oxybenzone is used in many American sunscreens and has even been found to penetrate into mother’s milk. The good news is that many companies are now starting to look at more natural ways of making sunscreen.

  1. Makeup and Skin Care Products

Most people won’t be surprised to learn that many makeup and skin care products also contain harmful chemicals that are not particularly good for the skin, especially when used over the long term. That’s why it is essential to check the ingredients of anything you put on your skin or into your body. At ShopDNASkin, all of our products are 100% organic and natural, free of toxins and full of restorative elements to make your skin glow. Ignore compelling marketing and packaging in skincare and cosmetic products. Get to the heart of the matter and make an informed decision about whether or not a product will serve or diminish your best interests.

  1. Acid Rain

If you like standing in the rain on a warm summers day, then you should be aware that even this natural resource may contain toxic substances that damage the skin. From volcano ash and gas to manufacturing plants, anything that goes up into the air can get locked into storm clouds and come crashing back to earth. We’re not saying you shouldn’t stand out in the rain, if that’s your thing. Just don’t stay out all night!

Life wasn’t meant to be lived hiding under the bed. There are toxins in the environment and even in some of the things we enjoy. The key is to live your life fully in this age of toxicity while rigorously honoring the skin you’re in each and every day. Adopt an easy and effective skincare regimen that is cleansing and restorative organically and naturally.

Shine on you crazy diamond.