3 Easy Solutions for Better Skincare in 2016

With the New Year dancing and Christmas festivities over, no doubt many of you are starting to get to grips with those resolutions – perhaps you want a better job, a new partner, to travel the world or simply want a healthier lifestyle.

If you’ve decided your complexion is going to glow, come what may, the great news is that a few simple changes could quickly leave you feeling better and looking great in 2016.

Detox Your Skin and Body

Whether you are in first flash of youth or have a more mature outlook on life, latching onto a diet in the first weeks of the New Year can seem like the perfect solution. The problem is that it all seems like you’re denying yourself. Either you’re restricting those carbs or cutting down on the family meals, either way it’s going to be hard work.

Instead of getting the latest fad slimming book, why not simply swap all those high calorie festive options for ones that are better for your health. Instead of a midday coffee, have a bottle of water; eschew that chocolate treat for a few juicy grapes, and if you have to exercise, take a walk in the chill air of a forest rather than pummel away on a treadmill.

All these things will clear the Christmas fog in your brain, relieve the pressure on your liver and get more oxygen pumping around your arteries. That’s going to give your skin a healthy glow and get rid of those blood shot eyes more than worrying over the daily calorie count. Our other top tip? Put those scales away and forget about them.

Get Some Sunshine

One great thing about the sun is that it helps you produce valuable vitamin D. While we all have to protect against overexposure, getting some rays on your flesh can actually help with things like acne, softening and reducing wrinkles, and even helping to change your mood.

Use a Vitamin D enriched sunscreen solution so that you can get out into the sun everyday in a way that enriches, rather than damages, your skin. Also make sure your skincare protection is high in SPF (Sun Protection Factor). Our Ultimate Sol Protection SPF 28™ is an innovative chemical and preservative-free sun protection product created with ingredients so gentle that anyone suffering from problem and sensitive skin types may use it.

Change Your Skin Care Regime

If you live a busy life, then it’s no surprise if you neglect your skin care regime sometimes. This year why not make a commitment to a good morning and bedtime regime. You’ll find that your skin will be softer and in better condition, that youthful glow you’d thought you lost will start to come back and you’ll begin to see visible results in a short space of time. The trick is not to over complicate your regime so that it can be performed quickly and easily, even if you’ve had a long day and are just ready for bed.

Finally, if you really want to perk up your skin and look a lot healthier, stop worrying about what the future is going to bring. A more relaxed approach to life and some little joie de vivre goes a long way to making your skin glow, your eyes sparkle and your smile beam.