In our first post we look at all-natural skin care and why 100% all-natural skin care products are better for you.

10 Reasons All-Natural Skin Care is Better For You

Lately, more people are realizing the importance of choosing all-natural and organic skin care products. At ShopDNASkin we only offer 100% all-natural skin care products. Here’s 10 reasons why organic and all-natural skincare and cosmetics are better for your skin, your body and the Earth:

#1 More Nutrients For Your Skin

100% all-natural skin care products are better for you and your skin because they provide essential nutrients that can only be found in nature. Your skin and body respond more actively to natural nutrition, whether it’s eating healthy or feeding your skin healthy ingredients, you’ll feel the difference.

#2 No Chemicals or Toxins

You’d be surprised at some of the chemicals and toxins which are found in ordinary off-the-shelf skin care products. Chemicals like sodium lauryl sulfate are used in industrial applications to clean concrete…not exactly the stuff you want to be putting on your skin!

#3 All-Natural Products are Better

Ok, we know this one is a bit subjective. One advantage of some synthetic skin care products is that they have a longer shelf life. Which is probably a good thing – let them sit up on a shelf! We think most organic and natural skin care products are simply made better, and those are the one’s we tend to use everyday.

#4 Non-GMO

Just like chemicals and toxins, we also need to avoid genetically-modified ingredients in our cosmetics and skin care products. Even though Shop DNA Skin skincare products use the latest DNA and stem cell research, we make sure all of our source ingredients are 100% organic and all-natural, as nature intended.

#5 Preserve the Environment

Using organic products is better for the environment. This ensures that chemicals aren’t used in any part of the process, and no additional chemicals or toxins were put into the Earth to produce the source ingredients for our skin care products. Making sure that you buy all-natural cosmetics ensures that you keep the Earth all natural too. Now that’s a beautiful thing!

#6 Reduces Greenhouse Gases, Carbon Emissions and Pollution

Following up on #6, these are more ways that choosing organic and all-natural skin care products are better for the Earth. The byproducts created when producing synthetics for use in skin care products are harmful and ultimately find their way back into the Earth through our water supply. Choosing all-natural means no nasty by-products too.

#7 Supports Farming and Traditional Medicine

Many of the farmers who produce the source ingredients for organic skin care products have smaller farms, and buying organic supports farming diversity. Farmers in India have even seen greater profits by going organic. These sources are also used in traditional medicine, so supporting these farmers is often a way to promote the preservation of local culture. Now that’s getting more than skin deep, baby!

#8 All-Natural Products Smell Better

Ok, you caught us again. This is another subjective one. When we think of all the products that we simply LOVE the smell of, they are always organic and all-natural. All-natural skin care products capture the essence of the source ingredients, and they provide scents that can lift us up and carry us away. Those truly light scents that linger but don’t overwhelm are almost always essential natural ingredients.

#9 Your Skin is One of Your Most Important Organs

While many people are conscious of what they put in their body by eating organic food, more and more people are becoming conscious of what they put on their body. Our skin is one of our most important organs, really it keeps all the other organs together, and more than that, we are constantly “breathing” through our skin. When we consider that, there’s no doubt we’d rather have our skin breathe in something that’s all natural.

#10 No Testing on Animals

Perhaps there is an all-natural skin care product that is tested on animals, but we haven’t heard of one yet! Choosing 100% natural and organic skincare products is a better decision for your body, the Earth, and all the creatures that live on it!


When we think about the importance of our skin, our health and the environment, it’s clear – all-natural skin care products are a better choice. And, we can’t help it, we simply think that they are more effective at providing nutrition to our skin, keeping our skin looking firm and tone, and they smell better too!

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